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About Me

My name is Kelly and I am here to have fun and to enjoy myself, to make new friends, to conquer hearts and to seduce your mind and body!! I am simple, even if I seem complexe the first ! I understand how hard and full of frustration a or a week can be, because mine its just the same! Yes I know, it never crossed your mind!! Well think again now that it did!! I am crazy, yeah!! Most of you are saying it..i know!! Well crazy is good!! Make time to understand me, to get to know me better then other people do, and you will enjoy me!! I am the real me.. on life, unpredictable, loving to make people laugh, loving to enjoy my time here and to make your better!!It only take a little time to get to know me, but, hey, it might be worth it!! I am not gorgeous..I dont have an amazing figure or a flat stomach,even thu my long legs and will drive you crazy. I am far from being considered a model but... Hey!!! I am me!! I eat food, I have curves, I have more fat then I should, I have scars, I have a history. Some people love me, some like me and some hate me!! I have done good, I have done bad. I love being wearing comfy clothes and I mostly go without wearing make up.. I am random and crazy, but I am also very organized.. I love honest sincere people, and I also do anything to keep my words.. I hate pretending that I am someone that I am not I am who I am, you can love me or not..i wont change!! And if I love you, I love you with all my heart.. I understand, we are all here to have fun, enjoy ourselves, let time pass faster, make a hard feel better, get over frustrations, live a fantasy, talk senseless and still enjoy it!! It is all about fun and enjoyment!! Is not it? I am the kind of a that might disappoint your expectations in a private show!! Why? Well because I am me!! I like to play, to dance, to entertain, to spoil you in any possible way I can do it!! There are things I will do just for you to enjoy it, things that I know are turning you on, happy, and desire for more! But if you do expect a kinky wild to get on there crawl on the walls moan without u making me moan, well.. it wont be happening!! Why? Just as u guys dont get turned on in a private with every that is around I am not too!! I like a guy who goes private for me(we both know it takes 2 minutes for you to , right?), who enjoys to watch a enjoying herself, who does not think that a woman laying on her back and playing with herself is a boring one . I like to go be getting in the mood with you, I like for you to enjoy me and talk to me, I like a guy who knows that it takes time for a woman to (really !!). I wont play an orgasm just to make u feel better, I wont pretend an earthquake just because you buzzed me twice.. you know its not that simple!!! Lets make things real and simple.. it gets us less disappointed and it offers us the right fun and enjoyment! But for this I am aware that u need a right person, just as I do.. so .. am I the right person for you or not?