Camsoda launches line of rocket themed dildos

July 20, 2021 – After Jeff Bezos launched off into the abyss this morning, the world couldn’t help but notice the phallic shaped rocket he was in and in an instant the Internet began blasting off memes that could take you to the moon and back.

A series of dildos inspired by the “Billionaire Space Race” between Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk that includes the Blue Orgasm (play on Blue Origin), Space Sex (play on SpaceX) and Galadick (play on VSS Unity). The rockets were just designed, are being sent into production and will be on pre-sale shortly.

“Right now billionaires are getting off by going to space in their rockets. With our line of Billionaire Flesh Rockets, people who can’t afford a ticket aboard the VSS Unity, Blue Origin or Elon’s SpaceX rocket can get off in a different way and penetrate the o-zone,” said CamSoda VP Daryn Parker. “Go boldly into where no one’s gone before, explore Uranus and maybe even have a close encounter of the pantless kind. Screw being pluton-ic! Grab your Billionaire Flesh Rocket today.”

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